Our Story

In Western Australia we’re working to protect the dark night sky and share amazing stargazing with visitors from near and far.

What we’re doing…

Astrotourism WA Founder, Carol Redford, has spent over 10 years stargazing and working with passionate amateurs in the astronomy field in Western Australia. Also known as “Galaxy Girl” in astronomy circles, Carol knows how special the WA night sky is. With Astrotourism WA, she is now working towards making sure its preserved for decades to come so that visitors from around the world can be inspired by the beauty of our Milky Way Galaxy.

“Western Australia’s night sky is an asset worth protecting. Communities around WA are working to keep the night sky as dark as possible by reducing light pollution. While we’re protecting our night sky, we’re inviting visitors from around the world to share its beauty. At the same time, we’re growing our understanding of how stargazing brings people together.” 


Our locals are creating welcoming dark sky places across country and outback Western Australia where the stargazing is spectacular.


We’re working together to reduce light pollution in WA country towns  so that we continue to maintain dark night skies full of stars.


Events and activities throughout Western Australia’s regions are bringing local communities and visitors together to discover the Universe.

Who’s Involved?

Carol Redford


Carol has a vision to grow regional tourism in WA by using our State’s astronomical strengths and protecting our dark night sky as a world-class asset that will attract visitors for decades to come.

Donna Vanzetti

Project Manager

Donna, at Beam Me Up Media, is aiming to produce a television series featuring the amazing places and characters making WA the go-to destination for space science and stargazing.

Where will you stargaze?

Western Australia is covered with stars! Where will you travel to?