Under the Stars in Moora

Start the school holidays under the stars! See the Great Orion Nebula, Southern Cross and Moon through telescopes. Discover why WA is a world-class tourism destination for stargazing and astronomy. Moora is on the Astrotourism WA map! Details When: Saturday, 13th...

See Mercury | 3rd April

This month is a great time to see planet Mercury. It’s rising in the morning, and you will need a very clear view to the eastern horizon. There’s a particularly spectacular view when the Moon appears close by. When to look: 5am, Wednesday 3rd April 2019 Which...

Southern Cross | April

April is a great time to start viewing the famous Australian constellation of the Southern Cross. You can track it over mid-autumn and winter evenings. When to look: 7.30pm, from April 2019 Which direction to look: South east When you head outside to stargaze, what...

New Moon

5 April

First Quarter

13 April

Full Moon

19 April
Rises 6:06pm

Last Quarter

27 April