If you’re in town with a telescope and don’t want to venture too far from your accommodation, the Onslow War Memorial is an amazing and poignant place for stargazing. There is some low light around the memorial, but it’s very convenient to set up telescopes. There’s brick paving and hard surface areas for telescopes and if you’re staying in the local caravan park, you’re right next door.

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Facilities: It’s conveniently close to overnight accommodation in town.

Mobile coverage (Telstra): Good.

Sky Quality Meter Reading: No reading has been made at this location yet. What is a Sky Quality Meter Reading?

Looking for Other Observing Sites?

If you have a telescope, there are some additional places in Onslow and across the wonderful Shire of Ashburton that you’ll love to try out.

Onslow Cemetery Carpark

Only 4 kms out of Onslow on the main road, the carpark area at the Onslow Cemetery is a darker spot for using telescopes. The lights from the Onslow Airport, directly opposite, can be seen but there’s not too much impact if you want a bit darker night sky for stargazing.

Peedamulla Campground

If you’re in search of totally dark night skies near Onslow, head over to Peedumulla Campground. From Onslow, the quickest route is via Onslow-Peedamulla Road, however this is a dirt track and is subject to road conditions. The best way to get there is to go via the NW Coastal Highway which is a 123km drive. The Campground is part of the Camping with Custodians program which allows visitors to stay on Aboriginal lands.

Mackerel Islands

When you’re in the region, a trip to the Mackerel Islands is an amazing escape for the dark night sky. There is so much on offer during the day followed by magical evenings under the night sky. In season, you can even experience dining under the stars!

Resilience Sculpture, Paraburdoo

An incredible sculpture called Resilience is located 3km from Paraburdoo. It makes an impressive sight for an astrophotographer. This is also a great place to stargaze from if you happen to be in the Paraburdoo area. It’s not far out of town and you’ll really notice the difference in the darkness of the night sky.

King’s Lake, Tom Price

What a lovely spot to have an early evening picnic followed by a spot of stargazing! It’s only a 1.5km (2 minute) drive from the Tom Price Tourist Park. With lovely green lawns and a lake, it’s an oasis of stars. Make sure to call into the Tom Price Visitor Centre to get all the local stargazing secrets!

Stargazers Campground

In Millstream-Chichester National Park, you’ll find a 5,000 star-rated campground! It’s perfect for a spot of astrophotography or with your telescope.

Stargazing & Tourism Information

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