Just to the west of town is a terrific lookout where you can see a panoramic view over Yarra Yarra Lakes. The lookout can be accessed by all types of cars. When the lake has water, it’s possible to photograph reflections of brighter astronomical objects such as Venus. Images of the setting Sun or Moon would make beautiful astrophotography compositions.

It is possible to get to the shore of Yarra Yarra Lakes. The road around the lake is suitable for cars with high clearance and AWD or 4WD, otherwise you may get bogged. The road is not suitable for carvans etc. From there, it is easy to walk out onto the edge of the lake to take images. Images would feature a west or north view only.

The lake itself is very big and sometimes it’s difficult to see the horizon. It almost looks like the ocean! The gravel road is on the eastern side of the lake and it follows around to the south.

You are not permitted to drive onto the lake surface as many vehicles get stuck and it damages the environment. The local visitor centre, at the North Midlands Project building, will be able to give you an update as to road conditions before you head out to the lake.

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Facilities: There’s a picnic table at the Lakes Lookout to enjoy a sunset supper. There are no other facilities there, however it’s conveniently close to overnight accommodation in town.

Mobile coverage (Telstra): Good.

Sky Quality Meter Reading: No reading has been made at this location yet. What is a Sky Quality Meter Reading?

Looking for More Astrophotography Hot Spots?

There is also another terrific astrophotography hot spot to try out in the Shire of Carnamah.

Lake Indoon (near Eneabba)

A short 14km drive south west of the town of Eneabba, you’ll find Lake Indoon. It’s a great place to camp and there are toilet facilities. Although the lake is dry, it’s a perfect place to try out some astrophotography. There are sweeping views across the lake bed towards the tree lined edges. If you’re a beginner astrophotographer, this is an easy place to practice learning new skills. If staying in Eneabba, you’ll find the townsite is an oasis that welcomes campers. The facilities are wonderful with a vibrant green park.

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Observing Site

The local community welcomes you to use telescopes and binoculars or enjoy an evening of stargazing here.

Astrotourism Town

How are WA communities protecting dark night skies for your world-class stargazing experiences?

Visitor Centre

For accommodation, meals and other sightseeing in the local area, check in with the local visitor centre.

AStrophotography Help

Beautiful images of WA’s night sky and landscape can be easily achieved with DSLR, mirrorless and even smart phone cameras!


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