It’s comet hunting time, and your astronomy target is Comet C/2021 S3/PanSTARRS.

When to look: From shortly after midnight in the morning of January 1, getting steadily later as the weeks progress until the beginning of April.

You can see comet C/2021 S3/PanSTARRS all night until it’s lost to the morning sunrise. Find out more here.

Where: South-East, just above the horizon.

C/2021 S3/PanSTARRS is a small rocky comet, and it’s visible in the West Australian skies with a telescope! It’s predicted to reach peak brightness on March 1, and pass closest to the Earth on March 14.

Some toolsto help you locate Comet C/2021 S3/PanSTARRS include the SkySafari app.

Use the search function on SkySafari AR to search for ‘Comet C/2021 S3/PanSTARRS’ Press “centre” and the app will show you where the comet is from night to night. Use the stars around the Comet as a guide to try and find it.

Other great resources include TheSkyLive‘s real-time tracker

comet C/2021 S3/PanSTARRS at 04:41 on 01-03-2024Something interesting: The comet C/2021 S3/PanSTARRS is named after the Institute for Astronomy’s Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System (Pan-STARRS), which is searching the night sky for Near-Earth Objects.

The Pan-STARRS team was also responsible for discovering the interstellar object ‘Oumuamua!

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