A short 8.5kms north of Darkan on the Darkan-Quindanning Road, there’s a beautiful historic home called Six Mile Cottage. It’s a wonderful subject for astrophotography. The view is to the south west so it’s possible to include the Milky Way above the cottage. It’s fun to illuminate the inside of the cottage for an image. It makes it feel like someone’s at home!

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Facilities: None.

Mobile coverage (Telstra): Minimal to none.

Sky Quality Meter Reading21.49 magnitude per arcsecond2 recorded at 11.12pm on 28th February 2020. What is a Sky Quality Meter Reading?

If you’re visiting Darkan for astrophotography, the local Darkan Photography Club is happy to be a point of local contact for visitors. If you’d like to get in touch, please call Kerryn at the Darkan Photography Club on 0429 631 044.

There are so many more beautiful and interesting locations for astrophotographers in and around Darkan.

Arthur River

If you’re keen to capture more historical buildings in your images, there’s a fantastic cluster at Arthur River.

On Albany Highway, opposite the turn off to Wireless Station Road, there’s St Paul’s Anglican Church. It’s a beautiful stone church.

Only 600m further south you’ll find historic Old Mt Pleasant Inn, Post Office and Hall. All the buildings are set back off Albany Highway and it’s possible to walk in amongst them and set a variety of astrophotography scenes. It is a bit noisy with passing traffic but if you time it right, car headlights can illuminate building facades for images.

Lake Towerrinning

If water or salt lakes are your astrophotography objective, Lake Towerrinning is the spot for you. Choices for astrophotography are endless. It could be the Moon setting over the lake or, if you are camping at Lakeside Camping, you could make the most of the stark beauty of dead tree wood reaching up from salt lakes at the back of the camp grounds. Speak to the camp ground owners Astrid (who is a professional photographer) and Graham for more ideas and places.

By the way, you’ll never forget the first time you see Lake Towerrinning! You’ll understand what we mean when you’ve made your first visit! 

Shire of West Arthur Astro Tour

The Shire of West Arthur has created its own izi.TRAVEL guide for Astrophotographers! You’ll find hidden secret locations and local knowledge to take stunning night time images in and around lovely Darkan. The izi.TRAVEL app is available for website or smart phone. When you have the app, search for “Astro tour of Shire of West Arthur“.

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The local community welcomes you to use telescopes and binoculars or enjoy an evening of stargazing here.

Astrotourism Town

How are WA communities protecting dark night skies for your world-class stargazing experiences?

Visitor Centre

For accommodation, meals and other sightseeing in the local area, check in with the local visitor centre.

Astrophotography Help

Beautiful images of WA’s night sky and landscape can be easily achieved with DSLR, mirrorless and even smart phone cameras!


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Stargazing and astrophotography is an all year round activity in Western Australia. Here are some seasonal hints and tips for you.