On an early morning in mid December, there’s a special view of Venus and the crescent Moon. 

It is early, but if you happen to be up or have set the alarm especially, find a place where you can see to the low eastern horizon and you won’t be disappointed.

Venus will appear above and to the right of a very slim crescent Moon. The Moon is only two days from being a new Moon.

When to look: 4:15am, 13th December

Which direction to look: East

Keep watching

If you happen to be in a dark sky location somewhere in country WA, then turn your head to the south and see if you can spot the Small and Large Magellanic Clouds. The Large Magellanic Cloud will appear between the Southern Cross and the bright star, Canopus, to the right. The Small Magellanic Cloud is below.

Want More Stargazing Tips?

There’s always something interesting happening in the night sky and country WA is the best place to catch all the action!