A series of stargazing events to celebrate WA’s world-class dark night sky and the Ningaloo Total Solar Eclipse.

Visit An Astrotourism Town

Discover new places to visit where you can marvel at the brilliance of the beautiful Milky Way.

Enjoy a Dark Sky Stargazing Event

Experience WA’s world-class dark night sky on the Eclipse Discovery Tour.

Stay longer and travel a dark sky itinerary

Plan a road trip adventure and discover hidden places and the darkest night skies.

“What a time for WA! The Ningaloo Total Solar Eclipse gives us a chance to share our world-class dark night skies with visitors across the globe. Welcome to all eclipse chasers visiting in April 2023.”

Carol Redford

CEO, Astrotourism WA

“See you out and about under the starry night skies of WA! We’ve created a wonderful series of events to celebrate a special time. The Eclipse Discovery Tour will introduce visitors to the spectacular Southern Hemisphere night sky.”

Donna Vanzetti

CEO, Star Tracks Astro Events

Discover WA's Best Stargazing Places

Billions of stars in the Milky Way Galaxy are waiting for you to see in country Western Australia. Incredible stargazing experiences are just around the corner.