Between the 22nd of February and 8th of March, head outside just after sunset and watch the planets in motion! Jupiter and Venus will approach each other in an event known as a conjunction, before beginning to move further apart from our perspective! The Moon will even join in on the 22nd and 23rd!

Use the Quasar Publishing image above as a guide. To find out more about what to see in the night sky, grab a copy of their latest Astronomy Australia almanac at Quasar Publishing.

When to look: Just after sunset 22nd February to 2nd March

Which direction to look: Low to the western horizon

Something Interesting:

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are visible with the naked eye, but if you’re looking to spot Uranus or Neptune, a telescope is required. In fact, Uranus was the first planet discovered with a telescope, and Neptune was the first planet predicted with maths!

Want More Stargazing Tips?

There’s always something interesting happening in the night sky and country WA is the best place to catch all the action!