Will you be trick and treating this Halloween? If you are, there’s some terrific stargazing in the early evening! It involves four planets and the Moon!

When to look: 7.30pm, Thursday 31st October 2019

Which direction to look: West

Very low on the western horizon, you’ll see bright Venus. Appearing just to the left is the closest planet to the Sun, Mercury.

Higher in the sky a beautiful crescent Moon is just below the largest planet in our Solar System, Jupiter.

The next brightest object higher up is probably the prettiest planet in our Solar System, Saturn.

Keep Watching

If you keep watching these planets over the coming weeks, they will all move position in the night sky. Mercury will disappear from view below the horizon. Venus will appear to move up closer to Jupiter by the end of November before making its way up to Saturn in mid-December.

Want More Stargazing Tips?

There’s always something interesting happening in the night sky and country WA is the best place to catch all the action!