In the early hours of the morning this month, two bright planets will appear with a beautiful waning crescent Moon. The view will be quite spectacular if you’re able to rise early!

On 21st January, Mars will appear in between the Moon and the bright red star, Antares. Two days later it will be Jupiter’s turn to appear just below the Moon in the early morning sky.

Mars is higher in the sky than Jupiter at the moment. If you want to see Jupiter on the 23rd, make sure you have a clear view to the eastern horizon as the pair will appear quite low just before the sun comes up.

If you’re already an early riser, you’ll have no trouble getting up to see this remarkable view. If you’re not such a morning person, try and make the effort to set the alarm and head outside to take a look. You won’t be disappointed!

When to look: 4.15am, 21st & 23rd January

Which direction to look: East

Keep Watching

By the same time next month, Mars and Jupiter will appear to get closer together in the early morning sky. If you have a job that starts early, you’ll have a front row seat to see these planets change position in the night sky!

Something Interesting:

The bright red-coloured star, Antares, is a red supergiant star. It’s often referred to as the heart of the constellation of Scorpius or Scorpio. Antares is about 550 light years away from Earth. In Greek, “Antares” means “rival of Mars” and you can see why!


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