Magellanic Clouds | 2nd-10th January

Holidaying in country WA gives you an excellent opportunity to see something not normally visible under bright city lights. The Large and Small Magellanic Clouds (sometimes abbreviated to LMC and SMC!) are galaxies outside of our own Milky Way Galaxy. From Earth, they...

Supermoon | 21st March

There are three full Moons popularly known as "Supermoons" in 2019. They rise in January, February and March. The Moon’s orbit around Earth is slightly oval shaped or elliptical. So, every month there’s a time when the Moon is at its closest distance to Earth (at...

Jupiter and Venus | 23rd January

The two brightest planets we see from Earth appear close together in the early morning sky this month. Venus is the brighter of the two planets and is below and to the left of Jupiter. When to look: 3am, Wednesday 23rd January 2019 Which direction to look: East If...

New Moon

8 January

First Quarter

14 January

Full Moon

21 January
Rises 7:37pm

Last Quarter

28 January