Partial Lunar Eclipse | 17th July

It’s always worth checking out an eclipse. This partial lunar eclipse won't be the most spectacular but for the keen early birds, it's definitely something to see! When to look: Partial eclipse begins at 4.01am, 17th July 2019 Which direction to look: West We see the...

Southern Delta-Aquarids Meteor Shower | 30th July

The Southern delta-Aquarids Meteor Shower occurs at a good time to try and spot some meteors (or “shooting stars”). There’s no moonlight at the time of the meteor shower’s peak which means you’ll be able to spot more meteors. When to look: From 10pm, Tuesday 30th July...

New Moon

3 July

First Quarter

9 July

Full Moon

17 July
Rises 5:52pm

Last Quarter

25 July