19kms north of Lake Grace is a fantastic place for astrophotography! The Jam Patch is named after the local tree, Acacia acuminate, or Jam Tree. As you follow the track in, you’ll come across the shore of Lake Evelyn. The views are to the south and south east which is perfect for Milky Way astrophotography.

Closer to town, the Lake Grace Lookout gives astrophotographers the chance to capture this iconic lake scene looking towards the south!

If you’re visiting Lake Grace for photography, Peter Stoffberg is a local astrophotography enthusiast and is happy to be a point of contact for visitors. If you’d like to get in touch, please call Peter on 0447 281 181.

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Facilities: None.

Mobile coverage (Telstra): Minimal to none.

Sky Quality Meter Reading: No reading has been made at this location yet. What is a Sky Quality Meter Reading?

East of Lake Grace at Newdegate, Lake King and Varley there are some more interesting locations for astrophotographers.

Newdegate Silos

WA has a fabulous Public Silo Trail that will take you to some amazing places and inspire you with its huge artworks. The Newdegate Siloart features beautifully painted wheat silo bins. These are situated so that it makes an interesting target for astrophotographers. There’s an easy place to pull over to park and the view is to the north east.

Lake King

54kms east of Newdegate, you’ll cross over the impressive Lake King. In the middle is Lake King Lookout and there’s no better location to photograph the Milky Way over a lake vista. The views are 180 degrees from east to west. The view changes right throughout the year. The lake can be full of water or dry depending on the season.

Old Truck on a Hill

For the more adventurous astrophotographer, travel 13 kilometres north of Lake King towards Varley and you will discover an old truck perched on top of an unusual outcrop ready and waiting for a starry night sky image! There’s a gravel parking bay you can pull into directly opposite this fascinating site. Link to location map.

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