On the 9th March, there’s a beautiful view of the Moon and Venus appearing very close to one another on the eastern horizon. Mars is the red star-like object above the pair. You’ll have to be up early in the morning to catch it though!

Keep watching… in the coming mornings, you’ll see Venus appear to move further away from Mars and head towards Saturn. By the 22nd, Venus and Saturn will meet up for an early morning rendezvous. Keep watching as the planets appear to move away from each other as the mornings progress.

When and where to look:

5am, 9th March and very low to the east horizon.

Use the images above as a guide for where to look, then grab a copy of the latest Astronomy Australia almanac from Stargazers Club WA  and learn all you need to know about what to see in our night sky

Something Interesting:

Venus and Jupiter are the two brightest planets in our skies. Venus’s atmosphere is extremely reflective and relatively near to Earth. Jupiter’s atmosphere is not quite as reflective but due to its size, the gas giant reflects a large amount of light back towards us.

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