Saturn Rises in the Morning | 2nd March

If you're up before dawn, the first object you'll notice is the brightest one. That's the planet Venus. Saturn is also now rising in the early morning and will be a beautiful view for early risers. When to look: 4am, Saturday 2nd March 2019 Which direction to look:...

Taurus, Pleiades and the Moon | 13th March

The Moon appears in the constellation of Taurus on 13th March. The Moon will appear below and to the right of the red-coloured star of Aldebaran (66 light years from Earth). Aldebaran is an orange giant star and marks the eye of Taurus the Bull. Aldebaran looks like...

Supermoon | 21st March

There are three full Moons popularly known as "Supermoons" in 2019. They rise in January, February and March. The Moon’s orbit around Earth is slightly oval shaped or elliptical. So, every month there’s a time when the Moon is at its closest distance to Earth (at...

New Moon

7 March

First Quarter

14 March

Full Moon

21 March
Rises 6:57pm

Last Quarter

28 March