We’re in for a real treat over a number of months with Saturn, Jupiter and the Moon. These three celestial objects will group together once a month for the rest of the year. There will be some spectacular views and it will be wonderful to see them meeting regularly.

When to look:

  • 8pm, 5th & 6th July
  • 6:30pm, 2nd & 29th August
  • 7pm, 25th September – Jupiter and the Moon appear very close together!
  • 7:30pm, 22nd October
  • 7:30pm, 19th November
  • 8pm, 17th December – the most spectacular view of the whole year! Jupiter and Saturn will appear so close in the evening sky!

Which direction to look: From June to August look towards the eastern horizon to see the magnificent trio. Then from September to December, turn your gaze to the west. Over the months the two planets have risen higher into the early evening night sky from the east, before making their run to set on the western horizon.

Want More Stargazing Tips?

There’s always something interesting happening in the night sky and country WA is the best place to catch all the action!