Eta-Aquarids Meteor Shower | 6th May

The eta-Aquarids Meteor Shower is one of the best in 2019. This is because there’s no moonlight at the time of the meteor shower’s peak which means you’ll be able to spot more meteors or “shooting stars”. When to look: From 3.30am, Monday 6th May 2019 Which direction...

Scorpius | 19th May

Scorpius, more commonly referred to as Scorpio, is a large constellation that actually looks like its namesake! Sometimes it’s quite difficult to make out the shape of constellations, but you should have some success with Scorpius! Mid May is a good time to see...

New Moon

5 May

First Quarter

12 May

Full Moon

19 May
Rises 5:59pm

Last Quarter

27 May