The Mullewa Polocrosse Club welcomes visitors to use its local grounds for anyone with a telescope or binoculars for stargazing. It’s also a great place if you just want to sit back and do some naked-eye stargazing. It’s located near Mullewa, but is just far enough away and over a hill that blocks out the light from town.

The Polocrosse Field is used once a year for the annual Mullewa Polocrosse Carnival during a weekend in mid-August. This means that for most of the year, stargazers will find a peaceful place to contemplate the Universe!

At the Club there’s a shed with a verandah which provides some shelter. The toilet facilities are kept locked, however town is conveniently located only 2kms away.

The site is owned by the local Freeman family. Justine and Brendan Rowe and some of the Mullewa Polocrosse Club members run the grounds and host the Mullewa Polocrosse Carnival every year. They welcome you to use the patio and grassed area. Please respect the landowners as well as the environment. The area is open and access is easy. You might like to check out photographs from the last Mullewa Polocrosse Carnival on their social media page.

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Facilities: None, however it’s conveniently close to overnight accommodation in town.

Mobile coverage (Telstra): Good.

Sky Quality Meter Reading: No reading has been made at this location yet. What is a Sky Quality Meter Reading?

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