Narembeen is the perfect place to base yourself for a week to explore the stunning eastern Wheatbelt by day and by night. The Shire of Narembeen joined the Astrotourism Towns network in 2021 and is an easy drive from Perth.

Step back in time to discover pioneer heritage, the Prospector’s Trail and the amazing Narembeen sculptures. You’ll see the Rabbit Proof Fence and experience the awe of massive granite outcrops like Hidden Hollow and Roe Lookout. A great day trip to take from Narembeen is nearby Wave Rock.

On moonless nights, the stunning night sky of the Wheatbelt lights up around Narembeen and the views are absolutely magnificent. There are some great places to explore where you can see the Milky Way in all its glory.

Night Sky Stargazing Experiences

Check out these self-interpretive stargazing experiences in the Shire of Narembeen:

Giant Planisphere and Observing Site, Apex Park

Visit the terrific Giant Planisphere in Narembeen! Use the Giant Planisphere to learn more about what’s up in the night sky. It will show you where the constellations are and gives you some great tips for making the most of your stargazing night.

Waddrin Wildlife Sanctuary

Narembeen is home to the Waddrin Wildlife Sanctuary, only a 10-15 minute drive from town. The sanctuary is run by a local community group and tours are available within the fenced area that protects wildlife from burrowing animals. Contact the Shire of Narembeen on 08 9064 7308 for availability. If no tours are available at the time of your visit, you’ll still be able to head out to the sanctuary to enjoy the Mallee Fowl Walk Trail that is outside of the fenced area.

Stargazing & Tourism Information

Observing Site

The local community welcomes you to use telescopes and binoculars or enjoy an evening of stargazing here.

Astrophotography Hot Spot

Bring your camera to take stunning images of the starry night sky over this special landscape.

Visitor Centre

For accommodation, meals and other sightseeing in the local area, check in with the local visitor centre.

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