It was exciting to welcome the Shire of Narrogin to the Astrotourism Towns network in July 2020. The town is only a short drive from Perth and offers some wonderful locations for stargazing and astrophotography. Being just under 200 kms south east of Perth, the night time view to the south and the magnificent Milky Way is free from artificial light pollution from the city.

There are a variety of places to stay and there’s so many things to see and do in and around Narrogin. It’s worthy of a longer stay to explore during the day and night!

Astronomy and Dark Sky Tourism Experiences


Barna Mia Nocturnal Wildlife Experience

If you happen to be camping in the Dryandra Woodland National Park, there are stars and wildlife on offer. Dryandra Woodland National Park offers more than you think. If you’re a keen stargazer, you can also enjoy a nocturnal wildlife experience. Spot some threatened native animals such as the bilby, boodie and woylie at the predator-proof animal sanctuary Barna Mia. Then it will be time to set up your telescope at your campsite to see some celestial neighbours!

Charrnock Woman

The Charrnock Woman is a dreamtime story of an evil spirit who moved across Noongar country stealing children and hiding them in her long white hair. This stunning mosaic artwork is a mesmerizing mosaic, nestled on the serene banks of Gnarojin Brook. It unfolds the cosmic connection between the Charrnock Woman and the celestial realm, as her hair transforms into the Milky Way, and the stolen children are immortalized as radiant stars adorning the dark sky. Make sure you see this when you’re in Narrogin. Pop into the Visitor Centre and find out more.

Watch and hear the story of the Charrnock Woman.


Stargazing & Tourism Information

Observing Site

The local community welcomes you to use telescopes and binoculars or enjoy an evening of stargazing here.

Astrophotography Hot Spot

Bring your camera to take stunning images of the starry night sky over this special landscape.

Visitor Centre

For accommodation, meals and other sightseeing in the local area, check in with the local visitor centre.

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