The ruins of Glenfield Homestead are on scenic Katrine Road that takes you into Northam from the Northam-Toodyay Road. The feature image above was taken in May 2020 by local WA Astrophotographer, Ben Brown. The Milky Way is rising above the ruins and the photograph captures the beautiful colours of the stone building.

“I used to visit the area and have known about the Glenfield Homestead ruins for a while. When I knew that the Shire of Northam welcomed Astrophotographers, I jumped at the chance to finally do an astro shoot there. Knowing I was welcome made all the difference.” – Ben Brown

The drive along Katrine Road is full of surprises and interesting history that make it an ideal astrophotography destination. You’ll be able to capture multiple scenes all in the one night!

There’s a safe pull over bay at the Glenfield Homestead ruins, 14kms west of Northam. There’s no access into the ruins, but terrific images can be taken from the pull over bay. The view is to the south west, so it’s possible to take images of the Milky Way over the ruins.

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Facilities: None.

Mobile coverage (Telstra): Minimal to none.

Sky Quality Meter Reading: No reading has been made at this location yet. What is a Sky Quality Meter Reading?

St Saviour’s Anglican Church

If you travel 1.5kms west from the Glenfield Homestead ruins on Katrine Road, historic St Saviour’s Anglican Church also makes a great subject for astrophotography.

Closer to the town of Northam, you’ll find places along Katrine Road to see the CBH Grain Silos in the distance. The view is directly south and although the silos are about 1km away, they make good target for astrophotographers. Sometimes, train lights will illuminate the silos for an interesting image!

Make sure to see the silos in the daytime too. From the Northam-Toodyay Road, you’ll see Northam’s part of the Public Silo Trail Art!

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