If you have a telescope with a high magnification, it’s worth trying to see if you can see the green/blue disc of Uranus. This month on the 1st, Uranus is at opposition. “Opposition” is a word that astronomers often use. A planet is said to be in “opposition” when it is on the opposite side of Earth to the Sun. It means the planet will be as close to Earth as it gets all year. However, Uranus is still some distance away from Earth and will only ever look like a tiny pinpoint of green/blue light in a telescope.

If you wait until 27th November, you can use the Moon as a guide to find Uranus in manual telescopes. On the 27th, Uranus will appear directly below the Moon.

When to look: Opposition is on 1st November. Use the Moon as a guide to find Uranus at 8:30pm, 27th November.

Which direction to look: North east


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