Just across from the Perenjori Caravan Park is the local golf course. Visitors are welcome to use the closest fairway as a casual observing site to take telescopes and binoculars. It’s on the very edge of town. The streets lights don’t make it out this far and there are some helpful trees that create a small barrier against low light coming from the centre of town.

There are two gates opposite the caravan park that you’re welcome to use. The nearest fairway is a wide flat area of ground ready for you to set up.

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Facilities: None, however it’s conveniently close to overnight accommodation in town.

Mobile coverage (Telstra): Good.

Sky Quality Meter Reading: 20.76 magnitude per arcsecond2 recorded on 17th July 2018. What is a Sky Quality Meter Reading?

Caron Dam

For the more adventurous and those willing to travel a bit further out of town, Caron Dam is a great place to set up telescopes. It’s 16kms south of Perenjori and there are a couple of suitable locations at the dam site.

The area at the dam is open and clear. The surface is gravel/dirt but nearby there’s a wide-open square area that’s surfaced with asphalt. This is accessed by a narrow track as can be seen on this satellite map.

Facilities: None. Caron Dam is RV friendly and overnight camping is welcome.

Mobile coverage: Unknown.

Sky Quality Meter Reading: 20.47 magnitude per arcsecond2 recorded on 17th July 2018. What is a Sky Quality Meter Reading?

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