The few lights from the Denham townsite disappear only 5kms from town at the Little Lagoon. There are several perfect spots around the lagoon for a picnic before setting up telescopes and watching the stars come out.

The main area has good facilities including toilets and a BBQ. Be aware that there is a sensor light above the BBQ but once it goes out, there’s no other light in the area.

There’s also a great car park at Little Lagoon Creek. It doesn’t have facilities like the main area but there’s no lights here at all. Perfect for a night of stargazing!

The great thing about observing around Little Lagoon is that the location offers some protection from the wind which makes stargazing with telescopes much easier. 

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Facilities: Toilets, BBQ and picnic area.

Mobile coverage (Telstra): Good.

Sky Quality Meter Reading: 20.85 magnitude per arcsecond2 recorded at 7.37pm on 31st August 2022. What is a Sky Quality Meter Reading?

Looking for Other Observing Sites?

Take the time to discover some more dark sky observing sites across the Shire of Shark Bay. It’s an incredible area for a very enjoyable dark sky tourism holiday!

Peron Homestead in the Francios Peron National Park

Just over 10kms from Denham you’ll find a heritage precinct in a National Park. There’s plenty to see and explore before the sun sets. When the stars appear, the choice is yours. Set up your telescope to enjoy the night sky or hop into the hot tub and enjoy the natural spa with the stars sparkling above.

There are a couple of low lights on some of the buildings but they are easy to get away from and you’ll find plenty of places to stargaze with telescopes and binoculars.

Facilities: Toilets, hot tub spa but there’s no camping overnight.

Mobile coverage (Telstra): Good.

Sky Quality Meter Reading: No reading has been made at this location yet. What is a Sky Quality Meter Reading?

Monkey Mia Car Park

If you find yourself staying overnight at the Monkey Mia Resort, there’s an excellent location to stargaze from. On the far side of the resort car park, you’ll find it quite dark for stargazing. There’s also the boat ramp car park nearby. Monkey Mia is a Conservation Park looked after by the Parks and Wildlife Service and fees apply for entry.

And, if you happen to be around when there’s a full Moon, make sure to check the time and you’ll be able to see it rising over the water!

Facilities: There aren’t any facilities in the car park but you’re conveniently close to overnight accommodation.

Mobile coverage (Telstra): Good.

Sky Quality Meter Reading: No reading has been made at this location yet. What is a Sky Quality Meter Reading?

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