What happens during an equinox?

The September equinox, also known as the Spring or Vernal equinox, marks the transition from winter to spring in the southern hemisphere. The September equinox also means that almost everywhere will have an equal number of hours of daylight and darkness.

The September equinox marks several astronomical phenomena, too. The Sun rises directly in the east and sets due west during the equinox. The Sun will also appear exactly halfway between its northernmost and southernmost location in the sky.

The exact time of the September equinox in 2024 occurs when the sun is directly above the Earth’s equator, and in 2024 this occurs at 8:42pm for West Australians.

How does an equinox work?

For more info about how equinoxes work, check out the post made by our friends over at Stargazers Club WA

When is the equinox this year?

The March equinox for the southern hemisphere will occur on the 22nd of September this year at 8:42pm.

Why is the equinox important?

Equinoxes mark events in calendars all around the world. For example, the equinox is involved in the changing date of Easter

Why the ‘September equinox’?

Other than that the equinox that occurs in September, we prefer to call it the March equinox because we recognise that we live on Nyoongar country in Western Australia, and the Nyoongar people observe six seasons.

In the Nyoongar calendar, the months of August and September are in the season of Djilba, the start of the massive flowering explosion that happens in the South West. .

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