Top 12 tips to the best stargazing in 2019

There’s always something happening up in the night sky and plenty of stargazing sights to see. With so much to choose from it can get overwhelming. There are planets, the Moon, meteor showers, eclipses, comets and constellations! 

Some nights this year have extra special stargazing sights to experience and we want you to know which ones we think are the best to make the effort to see. 

We’ve done all the research, checked through this year’s astronomy almanac, considered rising and setting times, when the Moon is up and have come up with our top 12 tips to the best stargazing in 2019. That’s one every month of the year! 

If you can escape bright city lights and visit country WA, you’ll find you can see so many more stars in the night sky. They are so much brighter and the darkness will give you a much better stargazing experience. Let’s turn out the lights and check out the best stargazing in 2019!

January – Magellanic Clouds

It’s a great time of the year to see another galaxy and you don’t even need binoculars or a telescope! The Magellanic Clouds can be seen with the naked eye. All you need is the darkest night sky you can find, your favourite picnic rug or chair and a great bunch of friends or family to enjoy the evening with. When’s the best time to see the Magellanic Clouds?

February – Supermoon

Watching a Supermoon rising is getting more and more popular each year. Choose a favourite location where you can see clear to the eastern highway and you’re all set for a great evening out. What is a Supermoon and when does it rise? 

March – Saturn

Did you know you can see Saturn without a telescope or binoculars? It looks like a bright star. It’s certainly one of the most beautiful planets in our Solar System and you can see Saturn in the morning sky… 

April – Southern Cross

This is Western Australia’s most iconic constellation. It’s on the flag and in our hearts! Did you know it can only be seen from the Southern Hemisphere? Starting this month, you can track it over time as it graces the southern skies. How do you find the Southern Cross? 

May – Eta-Aquarids Meteor Shower

This year, the Moon is bright during some of the more popular Geminids and Perseids Meteor Showers which means they might not necessarily be the best ones to experience. So, in 2019, let’s try looking for shooting stars in some different meteor showers. The eta-Aquarids Meteor Shower holds potential… 

June – Milky Way Galaxy

Milky Way Season has just begun! If you’ve never seen the Milky Way on a moonless night in country WA, June and the months either side are the perfect time to experience it. Sometimes this thick band of stars look so close, you could almost reach out and touch them. The Milky Way is simply stunning… 

July – Partial Lunar Eclipse

Eclipses are always fun to see. Imagine the Sun, Earth and Moon in a straight line in space and you’ve got yourself an eclipse! Watch as Earth’s shadow is cast across the surface of the Moon… 

August – Sagittarius and a Teapot!

Most of us know about the saucepan in the sky. That’s part of the constellation of Orion. Did you know there’s also the shape of teapot in the sky? See if you can find the teapot in Sagittarius… 

September – Saturn Goes Behind the Moon!

Something strange and amazing is happening in September! Saturn has returned to the late evening sky and the ringed planet will disappear behind the Moon. Hopefully visible with the naked eye and also a great time to get out your telescope or ask to look though a friend’s! What night do you need to be out? 

October – Halloween Planets!

What more do you need when you are out trick or treating on Halloween? There will be four planets and the Moon all lined up just after sunset. Which planets are they? 

November – Andromeda

They say the Andromeda Galaxy, a mere 2.5 million light years from Earth, is the most distant object visible to the human eye. Head out to an Astrotourism Town on a moonless weekend and try your luck. Will you be able to see Andromeda? 

December – Venus on Christmas Eve

Venus looks like a very bright star just after sunset. A spot of summer night stargazing is a great way to relax and unwind at the end of the year. Where will Venus appear? 

There you have it! The top 12 tips to the best stargazing in 2019.

Now all you need to do is decide where to go for the best stargazing in 2019!

Check out the map of Astrotourism Towns here…

Where can I go stargazing?

You’re in luck! Country towns in WA are making it easier for you to find great places where the local communities welcome you for stargazing and astrophotography.