Get ready for a local space adventure! ‘The Hidden Universe – Discovering the Square Kilometre Array’ is a TV show that will take you on a trip across Western Australia, showcasing WA’s incredible Space Industry like you’ve never seen it before! Explore stargazing, astrophotography and WA’s top space science projects in remote outback WA. The show will be broadcast on Channel 7, Sunday 2nd January at 3.30pm.


What Is It All About?

Western Australia is a world-leader in cutting-edge space science technology and this documentary delves into the world’s biggest radio telescope being developed up in the remote Murchison region. The Square Kilometre Array will be the most powerful radio telescope of all time and scientists believe it will reveal mysteries of the universe we are yet to even imagine!

Who Produced the Documentary?

Beam Me Up Media has partnered with the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) based at Curtin University and the University of Western Australia and together they showcase revolutionary technology that will change what we currently know about the Universe.


The program was produced by Beam Me Up Media in association with Bauhaus Films and uses a modern ‘Adventure Science’ theme to promote West Australian space stories, people and places. Modern astronomy entwines with ancient Aboriginal astronomy, revealing a deeper connection to the glittering stars overhead. 


How Can You Watch the ‘SKA Special’?

Watch on Channel 7, Sunday 2nd January at 3.30pm.


How did this special documentary come about?

Take a peek behind the scenes of the Star Tracks journey on their Facebook page.