If you have a telescope and you’d like to set up for an evening of stargazing, the grounds of the Wickepin Community Centre are perfect. The Centre is on the south side of town and the local Shire of Wickepin welcomes you to set up on the oval or in the carparks around the main buildings. You’re sure to find a place that hides the few street lights visible from town.

Or find yourself a spot in the Wickepin Heritage Precinct. There’s a lovely walk trail you can explore during the day. Then at night, perhaps you’ll set up in front of the old Railway Station pictured above!

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Facilities: Toilets, picnic facilities and BBQ’s. It’s also conveniently close to overnight accommodation in town.

Mobile coverage (Telstra): Good.

Sky Quality Meter Reading: 21.11 magnitude per arcsecond2 recorded at 10:47pm on 7th September 2020. What is a Sky Quality Meter Reading?

Lake Yealering

If you’ve travelled to Yealering, 27kms north of the town of Wickepin, for an even darker night sky, you can’t go past the picturesque Lake Yealering. It’s a great location suitable for observing.

The lake foreshore area has been recently revitalised by a Wheatbelt Natural Resources Management ‘Living Lakes’ project and it’s looking fantastic. There is a lovely shady, grassed picnic area with BBQ’s. Here it’s water sports, walk trails or bird watching by day, and stargazing by night. Roll out the blanket and you’ll have the stars at your fingertips.

It’s also a wonderful spot for astrophotography of course!

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