The local Coorow Golf Club is on the outskirts of town. It’s a perfect spot to bring your telescope, binoculars or a favourite picnic rug to lie back for some stargazing.

There’s a big gravel car park and plenty of space to set up for a night under the stars.

In winter you’re welcome to use the fire pit which means there will be a warm place to gather during a stargazing break!

To get to the Golf Club, follow Jensen Street through the CBH grain receival bin area and right to the end of the road.

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Facilities: Toilets. The club rooms will be locked but you’re welcome to use the outside verandah for shelter.

Mobile coverage (Telstra): Good.

Sky Quality Meter Reading: No reading has been made at this location yet. What is a Sky Quality Meter Reading?

Waddy Forest Hall

If you’d like to travel further out from town for some stargazing there’s another location suitable for observing.

Only 14kms east of Coorow, Waddy Forest Hall is a great place for stargazing. There are no facilities but the site is very dark which makes it a terrific destination for amateur astronomers. It’s quiet and set back off the Coorow-Latham Road.

The historic hall also makes a great subject for astrophotography.

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