If you’re up before dawn, the first object you’ll notice is the brightest one. That’s the planet Venus. Saturn is also now rising in the early morning and will be a beautiful view for early risers.

When to look: 4am, Saturday 2nd March 2019

Which direction to look: East

Using the Moon and Venus as a guide, makes it easier to identify Saturn. On the 2nd, Venus is the closest object to the horizon. The Moon appears above Venus. Saturn is directly above the Moon and is very, very close. It will make particularly special viewing because the Moon is a waning crescent.

Keep Watching

The very next morning on the 3rd, the Moon will appear very close to Venus.

Venus is the brightest planet we can see from Earth and it’s about 450 degrees Celsius! It may not be a great place to visit, but it certainly makes for a spectacular sight in our night skies.

Depending on the time it’s visible, Venus is often referred to as the “Morning Star” or the “Evening Star”. The sulphuric cloud that surrounds Venus makes a great reflection for our Sun’s light. That’s why it’s so bright.

Want More Stargazing Tips?

There’s always something interesting happening in the night sky and country WA is the best place to catch all the action!