Sagittarius and the Teapot | 11th August

Can you see a “Teapot” in the night sky?! This “Teapot” is what’s known as an asterism rather than a constellation. An asterism is a pattern of stars that make a recognisable shape. Some asterisms form a part of official constellations. The “Teapot” asterism is part...

Saturn and the Moon | 12th August

In early evenings, Saturn is rising high in the eastern sky. On the 12th there’s a great view of Saturn appearing close to and directly above the Moon. When to look: 7pm, Monday 12th August 2019 Which direction to look: East For Telescopes and BinocularsSaturn’s rings...

New Moon

1 August

First Quarter

8 August

Full Moon

15 August
Rises 5:36pm

Last Quarter

23 August

2nd New Moon

30 August