Andromeda Galaxy | 1st-10th November

Andromeda is in our galactic neighbourhood of local galaxies. It’s 2.5 million light years away and they say it is the most distant object visible to the human eye! When to look: From 10pm, between 1st-10th November 2019 Which direction to look: North You will need a...

Planets and Moon Line Up | 29th November

It’s always spectacular when you can see so many bright objects on a lovely spring evening. In order of magnitude (or brightness), you’ll see the Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn. When to look: 8pm, Friday 29th November 2019 Which direction to look: West Jupiter is the...

First Quarter

4 November

Full Moon

12 November
Rises 6:34pm

Last Quarter

20 November

New Moon

26 November