Carnarvon has so much on offer! With a rich history dating back to traditional owners the Aboriginal Yinggarda people who named this area, Gwoonwardu, meaning ‘neck of water’. The first European settlement was established in 1876 with the establishment of the first pastoral station, now known as Brickhouse Station. A growing cultural scene, historic architecture and access to WA’s gourmet produce makes Carnarvon an easy place to spend a few days to explore what’s on offer.

Up the road at Coral Bay relaxation hits an entirely new level! It has been a favourite holiday destination for decades and continues to be cherished by all who visit.

Astronomy and Dark Sky Tourism Experiences

Ready to stay for a number of days in and around Carnarvon? There’s a lot of astronomy and cultural night sky heritage to explore.

Carnarvon Space and Technology Museum

This certainly makes an impressive sight at night. The big dish is illuminated, and you can’t miss it. The Carnarvon Space and Technology Museum is open during the day for tours that interpret the role the Carnarvon Tracking Station played in Australia’s early space history. It famously supported communications for NASA’s Moon landing program, the Apollo Missions. A must see when you’re in town.

Wooramulla Eco Cultural Journeys

There’s a special experience waiting for you on Yinggarda Country when you visit the Gascoyne Junction area. Rennee Turner at Wooramulla Eco Cultural Journeys will take you on an experience to discover Yinggarda heritage and culture. Rennee has created special dark sky Aboriginal Astronomy experiences where you’ll connect with Yinggarda Dreaming stories of the night sky. “Muroo gudo” means “Go see the stars”. Book your tour at Wooramulla.

Gwoodwardu Mia

The wonderful Gwoonwardu Mia Gascoyne Aboriginal Heritage and Cultural Centre celebrates stories and heritage from five Aboriginal language groups. See the Sky Dome that interprets the starry sky as seen by the world’s first astronomers and discover tens of thousands of years of culture. Wandering through the gallery, you might even find a painting depicting Aboriginal Astronomy.

Make sure you also ask about the fascinating Mungurrgurra or Dawson’s Burrowing Bees. They are simply amazing and provide a sweet food source for traditional owners.

Baiyungu Dreaming

Cardabia Station is under 10kms from Coral Bay. Join Hazel and her family around the Baiyungu Dreaming campfire on a Billie Tea, Damper and Sunset Tour. You’ll hear captivating Dreamtime stories and get a taste of station life is like.

Stargazing & Tourism Information

Observing Site

The local community welcomes you to use telescopes and binoculars or enjoy an evening of stargazing here.

Astrophotography Hot Spot

Bring your camera to take stunning images of the starry night sky over this special landscape.

Visitor Centre

For accommodation, meals and other sightseeing in the local area, check in with the local visitor centre.

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